Harrison’s Cave

You can take a tour inside this breathtaking cave system with underground waterfalls and flowing streams.

Impressive Rock Formations

Harrison’s Cave is an underground cave system of crystallised limestone which has streams, waterfalls, deep pools of clear water and towering columns. It really is an impressive tour of natural beauty. It is located in the central part of the island, and visitors who don’t have a car can book a full package through various tour operators.

A Variety Of Tours

They have different tours available which include viewing the inside of the cavern aboard a tram, or walking through it with head lamps and knee guards to really get close to nature. Their most popular tour is by tram, and visitors can stop and get out at a few points to take photographs and get a closer view.

Respected Natural Area

Before going inside, visitors a shown a short video about how Barbados was formed and the creation of the cavern. Staff are very knowledgeable, and help make the tour entertaining and fun. The natural beauty of the cave remains mainly intact, as minimal structure has been placed inside to protect these amazing formations.