Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

The Happy Hollow Park and Zoo is a dream-come-true for children. This fun-filled place has a zoo, park, Puppet Theater, interesting rides for little kids, petting zoo and more!

Creating happy memories for five decades

Happy Hollow was opened in 1961 and has been a delightful destination for children of all ages and the young at heart. Interestingly, the Park has not stopped growing, as they continually add new features and fun stuff for children.

Animals, rides and loads of laughter

Happy Hollow’s mini-zoo features a jaguar, wallabies, lemurs, fossa, capybara, brightly coloured macaws and a pair of adorable anteaters, Xander and Xena.

There’s a lot more for children to learn, do and discover at Happy Hollow:

  • Double H Ranch where children can touch and pet typical farm animals as well as pygmy goats, dwarf donkeys and miniature horses.
  • Redwood Lookout is a play area for children of different ages with cool lookout posts and snazzy slides, swings and jungle gyms.
  • Giggle Grove features gentle rides for little ones like Frog Hopper and Granny Buggs.
  • Family Rides include Pacific Fruit Express Roller Coaster, Danny the Dragon Ride and Keep-Around-Carousel.

Happy Hollow, as the name suggests, is a place where children and grown-ups can have bucket-loads of fun while learning to respect nature and the world of animals.

Photos by Jim Watkins Photography

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