Hanoi Social Club

A hip, Bohemian cafe dishing out delicious Western fare and live music.

Artists’ Haunt and Foodies’ Delight

Located on a quiet street in the city’s Old Quarter, the Hanoi Social Club is a top destination for food lovers and artists alike. Funky vintage furniture fills the many floors of this French colonial building, creating a vibe that’s simultaneously hip and cozy. There’s also free wifi, as well as books for borrowing.

A Western Menu in Vietnam

Hanoi Social Club’s owners are Australian, so the menu caters more to Western tastes. Some of the flavorful meals include plum and lentil salad and gazpacho soup with sriracha ricotta. The restaurant offers several Vegetarian and Vegan options, as well an extensive cocktail menu and many local beers.

The cafe is also a popular spot in Hanoi’s live music scene. They feature local acts on Tuesdays, but artists from all over the world visit on other nights of the week. Along with music, Hanoi Social Club organizes events like movie nights and art exhibitions.