Hanoi Opera House

Originally built by the French, this elegant opera house continues to host regular artistic performances.

A Tribute to Paris

The French completed the Hanoi Opera House in 1911, intending for it to resemble the Palais Garnier in Paris. Even after the Vietnamese successfully drove the French out of their country, they maintained the opera house not only for artistic performances, but also for major political events. Today visitors can still watch operas in this historic location.

Song and Dance

Holding more than 600 patrons, the Hanoi Opera House is actually the largest theater in Vietnam. Visitors are often wowed by its gilded stage and graceful balconies. Aside from staging Vietnamese and Western operas, the theater also serves as a home for the National Ballet and the National Symphony Orchestra.

Visitors can find out more about the Opera House’s current schedule and purchase tickets on the theater website. The theater is just around the corner from the Vietnamese Women’s Museum and the Vietnam National Museum of History.