Hama-rikyū Onshi-teien Gardens

The Hama-rikyu Gardens are a bastion of tranquillity and beauty within the humdrum of the Shidome district in central Tokyo.

Treasure trove of natural beauty

The Hama-rikyu Gardens are historic gardens which have seen several transformations since its noble beginnings as a Tokugawa shogunate residence in the 17th century and eventually as an Imperial Detached Palace. They were declared a public park in 1946. Located alongside the Sumida River at the Tokyo Bay, the moat and the ponds are filled with sea water. Therefore, the water levels rise and fall in synchrony with the tides.

Tea-house on an island

Many overseas visitors head to the little tea-house on an island within a tidal pond. Here one gets to enjoy a customary Japanese tea ceremony with matcha (traditional green tea) with all its symbolic gestures and elegant beauty.

The remarkable beauty of the Hama-rikyu Gardens lies in its changing faces as the seasons coat the foliage in varying hues from blossom –laden and green in spring to red and gold in autumn.

Handy tip:

  • Do remember to pick up the free audio guide at the Otemon and Nakanogomon gates to help you enjoy the garden’s treasures.