Hakone, a picturesque township nestled in the mountains of the Hakone Pass boasts incredible natural beauty, bubbling hot springs, charming resorts, and an idyllic lake for boating.

Hot springs, pools and Lake Ashi

Hakone is famed for its several hot spring resorts, locally known as onsen, besides Owakudani, a volcanic zone where sulphurous vapours and warm pools draw large numbers of visitors. Most of this beautiful township is established around the stunning Lake Ashinoko, which is offset by a bright red torii of the lakeside Hakone Shrine.  The Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands features over 1700 species of marshland fauna that is native to Japan.

Museums, palaces and more

The tiny township is home to several museums including the inventive Open Air Museum, Pola Museum of Art, Okada Museum of Art, Hakone Art Museum and the Narukawa Art Museum.  Other places to visit are the Hakone Checkpoint and the Hakone Detached Palace, the erstwhile summer home of the Imperial Family.

The grandly reconstructed Odawara Castle is a fantastic place to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms in spring.