Hakkeijima Sea Paradise

The name says it all - Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is an extravagant theme park featuring large aquariums that teem with marine life, gravity-defying rides, stores, restaurants and more!

Aqua Resorts

Aqua Resorts, as the name suggests, is a resort but for marine creatures. There are three large aquariums here:

  • Aqua Museum: One of Japan’s largest aquariums and is filled with 100,000 life forms spanning over 500 species. Don’t forget to look out for the peaceful pair of whale sharks, the largest fish known to man.
  • Dolphin Fantasy is a spectacular tunnel where several marine mammals and other sea creatures swim overhead.
  • Fureai Lagoon is an interactive zone where visitors can get close to some of the animals and maybe even pet or feed them.

And more

Hakkeijima’s other famed attraction is Pleasure Land which boasts a couple of spectacular rides – Blue Fall that thrills you with a 107-metre high free fall and Surf Coaster, a roller-coaster that winds around over the sea.

When you’ve had all the fun you can handle, you can head down for a spot of shopping or to the restaurants to recharge the Japanese way.

Handy tips:

  • Please check closure timings on their website. In winter, they may vary slightly.