Kuala Lumpur

Hakka Restaurant

The large Hakka Restaurant in the heart of the city is an iconic culinary destination and frequented by locals and visitors from around the world.

Open Since 1956

Situated right across the fashionable Pavilion, the family-run Hakka Restaurant has served authentic Hakka cuisine since 1956. It is now an institution in itself and counts among the top restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant offers seating within air-conditioned rooms as well as outdoors.

The outdoor ambiance is quite distinctively Malaysian and is best enjoyed at night when the bright neon sign comes on and all the fairy lights are lit over the roof.

Expansive Menu

The expansive menu offers signature dishes like Mui Choy Kow Yok (braised pork belly), Deep Fried Pork Knuckles, Stuffed Tofu, Steamed Cod and Hakka Noodles. Desserts include classics like Chinese Lotus Pancake and Sea Coconut.

Don’t be surprised by the crowd, especially during weekends. It is after all, a firm favourite when it comes to Chinese food and can seat up to a 1000 diners on a busy night.