Ha Tapas no Mercado

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all served up here at Ha Tapas no Mercado, a tiny tapas bar in the centre of Lisbon. The restaurant boasts a relaxed atmosphere and is popular with both tourists and locals alike. Take a seat, place your order and relax as you watch the owners prepare your dish behind the counter.

What to Order

The menu here is fairly small but that’s always a good sign, everything served at Ha Tapas no Mercado is served because the owners believe it to be a delicious and tasty dish. Choose from homemade salads, charcuterie plates and cheese platters; all washed down with a local Portuguese wine of your pairing.

What to Expect

The restaurant only has six tables, so it’s well worth ringing up and booking in advance. During the week, you’ll likely be able to rock up and get a table after a short wait, but there’s no point risking missing out! To get here simply take the red or green line to Alameda then take the short two-minute walk to the front door of Ha Tapas no Mercado.