Gulf Shores, Alabama

Visitors who can take a few hours away from their New Orleans vacation like to head to Gulf Shores for sunbathing, nature viewing, and water play.

Crystal Blue Waters and White Sand Beaches

Travelers who want to indulge in a longer day trip from New Orleans may enjoy taking the 3-hour drive to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Situated 200 miles East of NOLA, Gulf Shores offers picture-perfect beaches with crystal blue waters and stunning white sand. Visit Gulf Shores to sunbathe, swim, picnic, play, and soak in scenery that’s unlike anywhere else. Spend a gorgeous day at the beach, away from the city and in a spot that offers more opportunities for exploring the East Coast of the United States

Canoeing, Scuba Diving, and More

Visitors don’t have to swim or lie out in the sun to have a great time at Gulf Shores. There are trails for hiking, canoes to ride, spaces to bike, and many more chances for enjoyment in this beautiful area. Scuba divers delight in the stunning underwater scenescapes at Gulf Shores, as there is a sunken freighter ship that awaits discovery.

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