Cape Town

Greenmarket Square

Greenmarket Square is a large flea market in the heart of commercial Cape Town that sells African handicrafts, fabrics and more.

Historic Square

The historic Greenmarket Square, built in 1696, has been a trading outpost for centuries. Over the years, it also gained ground as a meeting place and was a significant site for protesters especially during the apartheid era. Thanks to its rich and varied heritage, it was declared a National Monument in 1961.

Paved with cobbled stones, the market offers a stark contrast to the ultra-modern high-rises that stand around the market.

Curios, Souvenirs and Gifts

The market offers visitors a range of authentic African arts, crafts, musical instruments, decor pieces, footwear and colourful fabrics. Besides these, are several stalls and eateries that showcase African street food and local fare. While many locals prefer bartering, visitors are advised to bargain.

The pedestrianised Greenmarket Square is ideal for people watching or for a leisurely stroll while enjoying the typical sights and sounds that make up Cape Town.