Green Grotto Caves

The Green Grotto Caves is one place you should explore at least once in your life. The scenery is profound. The rock formations and displays is something you will be talking about for years.

Its rich vegetation gives life to the many birds and flying creatures like bats which inhabits the caves. Evidence of the first inhabitants of Jamaica, the Arawak Indians is exhibited because many of their household items used by them were discovered. A lake flows in the caves which is very unique because it is the home to many aquatic life forms. The caves were used as hideouts for Spaniards who were forced to move out of Jamaica and they were also used by smugglers running arm to Cuban in the mid 20th century.

The Green Grotto caves are referred to as Runaway Bay caves because of its escaping purpose in those times. Also, it is called the Rum caves due to the fact that the government found other uses for it like storing rum. Its main features are the formations of the caves and the bats that inhabit it. It is great for a school field trip. Green Grotto caves are 12 meters deep so it if height is your problem, this is right for you. At the entrance, before the tour of the caves begins, a short briefing is given by the informative Tour guides for your safety.

After the briefing, everyone will be given safety equipment to wear. While on the tour, the tour guides will give information about the different rock formations, the bats, the lake and other things offered visually by the caves. Soon, visitors will be able to fish in the Green Grotto cave lake. When the tour is finish, there is a food shop offered for whoever is hungry and wants to relax. Take the time out for this educational experience.