The Great Market Hall

Considered the most beautiful food market in Europe, Budapest's Great Market Hall is a lively, interesting--and delicious--stop for everyone. From produce and meats to prepared foods and dining, its a must-see for everyone.

Everything Under One Roof

The Great Market Hall in Budapest is a cross-section of life, food, and history. Vendors offer fresh produce and meats, a full service fish market, and butcher market. Purveyors also offer everything from take-out and sit-down meals, spices, pastries, and other delicacies, and all things “Hungaricum,” meaning unique Hungary foods and products.

Events and History

The lower level of the Hall has recently opened as a shopping experience for local items and special Hungarian items. In addition, exhibits show off notable achievements of Hungarians, like the Gomboc–a three-dimensional scientific sensation that proves a mathematical problem–a “water-prism” that produces fascinating color, an informative display of Hungary’s wine regions and more. Vendors in the Hall offers many of the products described.

The building itself is a wonderful turn of the century neogothic structure in the city center. Of special note is the fully restored roof of complete with Hungary’s famous Zsolnay tiles.