Grand Hotel Amrâth

Once a seaside shipping house, this luxury hotel is steeped in Amsterdam's maritime history.

Elegance with a Maritime Twist

Visitors interested in Amsterdam’s seafaring history will want to at least see the Grand Hotel Amrâth, if not stay there. One of Amsterdam’s finest hotels, the Amrâth offers five-star accommodations in what was originally a scheepvaarthuis (shipping house) on the IJ. The gorgeous space creates a luxurious ambiance steeped in its maritime past.

Unique Lodgings

Because the Amrâth did not begin as a hotel, none of the rooms are identical. But they all feature high ceilings, and are decorated in the classical Amsterdam School style. The rates here are more expensive, but the price includes free wifi and access to the spa.

The hotel’s elegant spa boasts an infrared sauna as well as a heated swimming pool with an artistic tile floor. Guests will find world-class dining at Seven Seas Restaurant, which serves a seafood-heavy menu in a room built with marble, rich wood, and stained glass. For those who can’t stay, but are still interested in the building’s history, the hotel offers guided tours on Sundays.