Grand Canyon National Park

Do not pass up a chance to see Grand Canyon National Park, a remarkable natural wonder!

There are many ways to experience Grand Canyon National Park. Bus tours are popular and so are self-guided scenic drives. Plenty of photo opportunities await visitors at the numerous overlooks of the canyon and the Colorado River. Those who wish to take to the sky can arrange for an air tour in either a fixed-wing aircraft or in a helicopter. Explore the terrain by foot on miles of hiking trails; ranger-led hikes are also available. If you have access to a bicycle, ride along the Greenway Trail, but perhaps the most unique way to see the Grand Canyon is on the back of a mule. See the park’s website for more details on ways to experience Grand Canyon National Park.

A recent attraction that quickly became a popular destination is the Grand Canyon Skywalk. A glass-floored walkway protrudes from a cliff; it hangs 4,000 feet above a riverbed. From it, one can see the natural land formation called Eagle Point. Other points of interest in Grand Canyon National Park include exhibits at the visitors centers and park museums. Learn more about the park by seeing the short movie Grand Canyon: A Journey of Wonder, shown at Grand Canyon Visitor Center.

Both lodging and camping facilities can be found within Grand Canyon National Park, which is divided into two rims due to the drastic differences in terrain and weather. The South Rim is open year round. The North Rim is open from mid-May through mid-October. Entrance fees are collected; a seven-day pass ranges in price ($15 to $30) depending on how you enter the park. Be sure to bring a map along. Do not rely on GPS devices when you are in Grand Canyon National Park because they often do not work correctly.

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