Oxford, England

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet Burger Kitchen is a restaurant that is renowned for their huge gourmet burgers made from the freshest ingredients, 100% prime beef and their signature burger sauce.

Changing UK’s Burger Scene

Gourmet Burger Kitchen was founded in 2001, by three New Zealanders including Chef Peter Gordon. They have successfully changed the United Kingdom’s burger scene forever and today, they have over 80 restaurants across the country. Over the years, the owner of Gourmet Burger Kitchen has changed but they still retain the subtle Kiwi theme as an homage to the original owners.

Thoughtfully Crafted Menu

Gourmet Burger’s famed creations include the Mighty, Major Tom, GBK Cheese and Bacon, Kiwi Burger, Cajun Blue, and Bacon Pesterella. Other than burger, they also serve salads, veggies, fries and sides. As for drinks, they have milkshakes, fresh and fizzy, soft drinks, spirits and mixers, beer, cider, wine, and hot drinks.

They are one of the few places that boasts a junior menu for children, gluten-free menu, vegans menu and an allergen-free menu so you can dine without any worries!