London, England

Goodman, Mayfair

Even if you didn’t know anything about Goodman, the dark leather and wood paneled décor would have given away their prime calling – a steakhouse that’s passionate about the meat they serve.

English steakhouse

Goodman is the English version of a typical steakhouse from across the Atlantic. And sure enough, they serve USDA Prime corn-fed Angus beef besides local grass-fed meat. What sets Goodman’s steaks apart is that every slice of meat has been dry-aged. This time-honoured technique is known to lock in flavour as well as impart an inimitable succulence to the meat. Goodman’s boasts of a strictly monitored steak-aging room where nearly six tonnes of premium meat from USA, Italy and UK are carefully managed.

The best steak in town

Goodman’s offers you steaks that range from delicate fillets to sturdy porterhouses that can be shared liberally between two. The steaks are grilled over charcoal ovens to create a flavourful slice of meat. Paired with a sauce of your choice, it’s a recipe to create a unique culinary experience that will haunt your memory for a long time.

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