Golden Cuckoo

If you’re interested in getting to know the Bagan locals, learn more about their way of life and find out how they make a living through their crafts then you’re going to want to head to the Golden Cuckoo; a local workshop ran by two brothers. This family workshop produces high-quality handicrafts (including lacquerware) and has been passed down four generations.

The Studio

The workshop (which sits behind Manuaha Paya in Myinkaba) is a combination of shop, studio and museum and you can spend a good hour exploring the products on sale here. Make sure you head behind the scenes and watch the team making lacquerware products and adding intricate and traditional designs to all manner of items including cylinders, bowls and pots.

Guided Tours

The family-run business also offers relaxed guided tours around the studio where you can admire four generations of craftwork. The brothers are not only happy to show you their work and workspace, but they’re also eager to tell their story of the family business. A visit to the Golden Cuckoo is a great way to support the local economy and pick up an intricate souvenir!

Stay at home!

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