Hong Kong

Golden Bauhinia Square

The Golden Bauhinia Square is a commemorative square in the Wan Chai district of Hong Kong. This square is popular for its historic significance as well as for the picturesque waterfront location.

A commemorative monument

The square takes its name from the 20-metre high gilded Forever Blooming Bauhinia Sculpture of a local flower commonly known as the Hong Kong Orchid. The blossom is significant because it is the floral emblem of Hong Kong which is also represented on the territory’s flag. The monument was a gift from the People’s Republic of China to mark the Handover ceremony of 1997.

Famed and revered

The square is particularly popular among tourists from China but others come here to enjoy the formal Flag Hoisting Ceremony held at 07:50 am every day. Behind the square, is the spectacular Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Its distinctive glass and aluminum exterior, reminiscent of a bird in flight, has won several accolades.

If you’re not keen on ceremonies, then the Square is a great place to hang out in the evenings for a leisurely stroll by the marina or later you can enjoy unparalleled views of the Symphony of Lights at Victoria Harbor.