Cape Town

Gold of Africa Museum

Gold of Africa is a remarkable museum devoted to showcasing exclusive art works and jewellery crafted in African gold. It is the largest such collection in the world.

A Museum Devoted to Gold

South African history is strongly intertwined with its reputation as a storehouse of precious metals and gems. Little wonder then that Cape Town boasts a museum that pays homage to the yellow metal that can be transformed into beautiful pieces of art. Housed in the historic Martin Melck House, the building painted in bright yellow invites you to discover the best of art work and artefacts in gold from across the African continent.

Barbier-Mueller Collection

Of note is the exceptional Barbier-Mueller Collection which includes historic jewellery as well as modern day pieces that highlight the continent’s cultural heritage such as masks, figurines, ceremonial bracelets worn by kings, a crown and more.

Souvenirs and more

The museum has also has an impressive boutique which retails exclusive African jewellery in 18 and 20 karats besides arts and crafts. A goldsmith workshop where visitors can watch artisans at work, a restaurant with live music, an impeccable courtyard garden as well as a well-stocked wine cellar add to the appeal of the Gold of Africa Museum.

Top Tips:

  • The museum offers guided tours and customized tours for large groups.