Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant

Try the best Ethiopian cuisine without leaving the state of California!

What Your Taste Buds Should Expect

The roots of Ethiopian cuisine can be traced back to 1500 BCE. The ancient way of eating includes a variety of spices and sauces. Most meals come with a kick of flavor, but often they can be ordered so that the taste is mild. Injera, a traditional type of flatbread, is used as an eating utensil. After your meal has been served at Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant, simply tear off a piece and use it as a scoop. While you won’t find pork or shellfish in Ethiopian restaurants, there is an abundance of meat dishes served with beef, lamb, or chicken. With menu items conscious of special diets, vegetarians won’t have any trouble making a selection.

Highlights from the Menu

Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant has a wide selection of moderately priced lunch and dinner entrées. Among the Gojo Specials is the Special Kitfo, a dish of chopped lean beef served with spiced pepper and collard greens. Another exciting choice is the Bozena Shiro, cubed beef with chickpeas that have been cooked in a hot berbere sauce. The Yebeg Tibbs is simply addicting. This dish of cubed lamb meat can be ordered with or without hot awaze, a spice. If Ethiopian cuisine is new to you, you may want to try tej, an Ethiopian honey wine.

Cultural Emersion

For over 20 years, Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant has gone above and beyond customers’ expectations for both quality and food service. The folks at Gojo have decorated their restaurant so you feel like you have entered a home in Ethiopia. Casual seating arrangements offer an intimate setting for close conversations. The natural colors and textures help create an ambiance that allows you to relax as you dine.

Top Tip: Coffee lovers should try the Ethiopian coffee at the end of your meal. Order it ahead of time and request the “full ceremony” for your coffee to be served in the traditional Ethiopian way.

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