Jacques Genin

Jacques Genin is the classic self-taught French chocolatier whose impeccable instinct for creating fine chocolates is only matched by his artistry in presenting his creations with finesse.

Decadent desserts

A man given to perfection, Jacques Genin, spent many years creating fabulously decadent chocolates and desserts for many fine dining restaurants in Paris. When the master, finally, deigned to open his own store, the city was hooked forever. So were the tourists, who continue to pick up tastefully packed boxes of perfectly sculpted chocolates in large numbers.

Jacques Genin is celebrated for his luxuriously buttery caramels that experiment with unbelievable flavors, about 40 of them!

In-house café

The store also houses a modest café or tea-house, if you please, where you can enjoy a cup of Genin’s unique chocolat chaud (hot chocolate) and his sublime creations – tarts, cakes, pastries, galettes, cream puffs, éclairs or petits fours.