Global Village in Dubai

Visit Global Village to experience the fun, international carnival-style shopping destination in Dubai!

The Global Village Shopping Experience

Open during the cooler months (between November and April, Global Village is an open-air shopping venue unlike any other in Dubai. What separates Global Village from other shopping destinations is its unique carnival ambiance. The venue is set up in the style of a festival, where visitors can shop within a truly fun and vibrant atmosphere.
Stores are sectioned into a myriad of global pavilions, with each one selling items and artefacts representative of a particular country in the world. So far, there have been around 30 amazing pavilions, representative of over 75 different countries. Visitors can haggle at each pavilion and can often obtain top quality goods at heavily discounted rates.

Food and Entertainment

The venue is also famous for its wide variety of dining options on site, where visitors can sample cuisines from around the world. Cultural entertainment comes part and parcel of the Global Village experience, with every corner filled with international musicians, dancers and artists showcasing their talents. There are also exciting fairground rides located at Fantasy Land, within Global Village.