Hong Kong

Global Geopark of China

The Global Geopark of China at Hong Kong is a magnificent testament to the forces of nature. Nature lovers and those seeking a bit of adventure will enjoy discovering the many surprises that this ‘natural museum’ holds for all.

Rock formations and more

The geopark was opened to the public in 2009 and is designated into two distinctive areas for visitors:

  • Sai Kung Volcanic Region: This region features other-worldly rocky marvels formed by pre-historic lava flows. The famed hexagonal rock columns as well as the surreal wavy formations are found here. The Nine Pins islands with their distinctive cliffs and rocky shoreline sculptures make for fantastic photographs.
  • North-East Sedimentary Rock Region: This region comprises Double Haven and the coasts along the Tolo Channel which feature 400-million-year old rocks. Port Island has a spectacular beach with its landmark Devil’s Fist and other rocks sculpted by the elements.

The Geopark is filled with natural wonders – a ‘bridge’ that appears only during low tide, hidden coves, red rocks and more. You can opt for the many boat tours or embark on a hiking adventure to enjoy the timeless beauty of the Geopark.