Giardino degli Aranci

Named for its fragrant orange trees, the Giardino degli Aranci is Rome's most romantic belvedere.

Romantic retreat

This off-the-beaten-path viewpoint over Rome was practically invented for a lovers’ getaway. Perched atop Aventine Hill, this charming park is officially called the Parco Savello. But the fragrant orange trees within have given it a much better known, popular name: the Giardino degli Aranci. You’ll see many a young couple stealing a kiss in this corner of the city.

Picture perfect

This is one of three main viewpoints in Rome, along with the Giancolo and Il Pincio. From this spot, the Roman skyline unfolds before you and your lens, the magnificent dome of Saint Peter’s Basilica punctuating the horizon and removing all doubt this beautiful scene is in the heart of Italy. You’ll also catch a great view of the Tiber River from here.

Old Rome meets New

This site on Aventine Hill has layer after layer of history. In its past incarnations, it has been a castle, a basilica, and a fortress – and that’s all before we even get out of the Middle Ages! The garden you see today wasn’t constructed until the early 1930s, adding a new chapter to Roman history.