Giang Cafe

A small, independent cafe known for its egg coffee recipe.

Egg Coffee

Back in 1946, milk was scarce in Vietnam. So Nguyen Giang, a Hanoi bartender, decided to use egg yolk as a replacement. Today egg coffee is a Hanoi specialty, and Giang Cafe is one of the most famous spots to grab a cup. Nguyen Giang’s son Van Dao continues to run the cafe, and he still uses his father’s recipe: egg yolk, sweetened condensed milk, butter, and cheese.

A Hanoi Establishment

Vietnam is known for its coffee, and Giang Cafe serves plenty of other styles besides the egg version. There are teas, sodas, and juices as well. Despite its historic status, Giang Cafe has a casual atmosphere. The entrance is small, down an alley. Patrons sit on simple wooden stools around low tables. Local art hangs on the walls.

The cafe is on the edge of Hanoi’s famed Old Quarter. Other popular cafes and eateries such as Bun Cha Ta, Banh Mi 25, and Cafe Pho Co are all nearby. Visitors may want to take their own miniature food tour.