Tuileries Gardens

When the hustle and bustle of Paris overwhelms you, it’s time for a stroll down the magnificent Tuileries Gardens, where once kings, queens and nobility roamed. It was also the venue for lavish royal weddings. Now, it is a haven of serene green surroundings where Parisians and tourists come to relax.

Royal gardens

Tuileries Garden was created by Catherine de Medici in 1564 to complement her very own Tuileries Palace. Later, successive kings acquired more land and added several features that only added to the beauty of the gardens. Some of them are still evident today – fountains, ponds, tree-lined avenues and sculptures.

A garden for all ages

There’s plenty of place to sit down and soak in the beauty of nature. Or you could pop-into one of the outdoor cafes that dot the 23-hectare gardens. A fun-packed playground, carousel and trampoline park make the gardens a great destination for children. Or they can choose to sail toy boats on the ponds. There are also some celebrated sculptures and art installations to inspire you too.

The Tuileries Garden has been a sanctuary for everyone and not just poets, artists and writers – no one can escape its soothing charms.

Photos from Tuileries Gardens