Emma Prusch Farm Park

The Emma Prusch Farm Park is a quintessential, cheerful American farm with the usual and a few of the unusual. This is a fantastic destination for families with children and those who enjoy picnics under the skies.

Bringing farmyard charm to city folk

The farm was a gift to the city of San Jose by Emma Prusch who intended that her farm be used as an agriculture-based park. True to her vision, the city continues to maintain the 47 acres of unspoiled farmland for the education and entertainment of visitors who come here for a spot of peace and quiet.

Popular with children

The farm is hugely popular with children who come with their families or on field trips from their schools. The farm boasts of having San Jose’s largest barn where all kinds of livestock are housed. There are several community gardens, an exotic fruit orchard, butterfly garden, citrus grove, rose garden, redwood grove, petting zoo, play area and more. There are also open grasslands that are perfect for picnics and family fun.

The Emma Prusch Farm Park is an invigorating tourist destination and one that is enjoyed wholeheartedly, muddy boots and all.

Photos by Jim Watkins Photography

Photos from Emma Prusch Farm Park

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