Gellért Thermal Bath

Enjoy a day of fun and relaxation at the Gellért Thermal Bath. With its Art Nouveau style and wealth of services, the bath has been a favorite spot in Budapest for almost a century.

A History of Bathing

With its notable thermal springs, the Gellért Thermal Bath has attracted visitors for decades. The location itself has been a favored location from at least the 13th century. The thermal waters of the bath have reputed healing properties, and the consistent temperatures of 35C to 40C (about 100F) leave no doubt they are soothing and relaxing.

A Range of Service and Amenities

Gellert offers a full-range of thermal waters therapeutic and relaxation services. Visitors can enjoy steam baths, thermal pools, saunas in dramatic surroundings or take advantage of multiple swimming pools, inside and outside. Spa services like massage, mud treatments, inhalation therapy, and physician consultations are also available.

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