Tech Museum of Innovation

The fascinating Tech Museum of Innovation is a treasure-trove of state-of-the-art science exhibits. These exhibits are innovative, informative and designed especially to engage the imagination of children.

Reaching out with science

The Museum with its distinctive orange building centered round a purple dome was opened in 1998. Its three floors cover areas of interest like biology, exploration and communication.

Cyber Detectives is the very first interactive exhibit in the United States on Internet security. This cutting-edge exhibit allows children over 12 to turn into sleuths on a mission to tackle challenges like malware attacks and data breaches. Or you can conceptualize and create your own robot at the Social Robots Mini Lab.

Fun with science

All space fans will get a kick out of Jet Pack Chair, a contraption that allows you to float around in a room. Enjoy the stunning View from Space, a path-breaking innovation that projects rotating images on a large sphere. The imaginative BioDesign Studio seeks to demystify the world of biology. At the Living Colors lab you can ‘engineer’ colorful bacteria or manufacture your own virtual creature at Creature Creation Station.

Finally, don’t miss the Silicon Valley Innovation Gallery – the only one of its kind in the world. It deftly explores the impact of Internet technologies on human civilization using digital art and animation.


Handy Tips

  • When you do mange to pull yourself away from the exhibits, stop by at Tech Café where several snack options are available including a dedicated menu for kids.
  • Do remember to browse around the Tech Store where you can indulge in fun T. shirts, science kits and collectibles which can also make for great souvenirs.

Photos by Jim Watkins Photography

Photos from Tech Museum of Innovation

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