Oxford, England

Turl Street Kitchen

The Turl Street Kitchen is a great hangout for students and the young. This not-for-profit eatery is a warm, cheerful place with minimalist decor where predominantly students meet to unwind. They get to enjoy healthy meals made with fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers within a 25-mile radius.

Making a difference

Turl Street Kitchen was begun in 2011 in its elegant Georgian premises essentially as a social enterprise. Their goal was to help fund Oxford Hub, a students’ charity that promotes volunteering among students and helping them make a difference to the world around them. In fact, the charity is run from an office above the Kitchen.

Simple food with heart

Turl Street Kitchen has a short menu that is dependent on seasonal availability as well as the day of the week. It’s best to be prepared for pleasant surprises but the cuisine is largely English in flavor. The friendly wait staff serves generous portions suited for young appetites. The food is largely affordable and that makes TSK a favored destination for Oxonians.


Handy Tip

  • Expect TSK to be crowded during weekends. So, it’s best that you book tables ahead.