Fuente Alemana

Fuente Alemana is a well-known and traditional restaurant that is known for their sandwiches and has pampered Chileans in Santiago for over 70 years.

Not Just Any Sandwich

Fuente Alemana is an iconic restaurant in the city and though they call their offerings sandwiches, their flagship food looks like an outsized burger (minus the patty, of course!) packed with generous meats and vegetables.

Their classic sandwich the Lomito Completo, made of juicy slices of pork and sauerkraut, has had global celebrity status in the world of food and has featured in many shows and magazines.

Made Fresh Before You

When you walk into Fluente Alemana, you will see a cubicle counter that is surrounded by stoves, cooks, and patrons. The one thing that is very special about Fuente Alemana is that once you have ordered your meal, the cooks start prepping your meal right in front of you! Their meal portions are mammoth.

Some of their ‘must try’ dishes are Churrasco, Italian Tenderloin, Fricandela, Lomito and Chacerero. Their bread has a nice and soft texture and their fillets are tender and succulent.


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