Fosse Gallery

Fosse Gallery is a premier and highly reputed art gallery devoted to contemporary British art.

From Victorian to Modern Art

Fosse Gallery was established in 1980 and made its foray into the world of art by showcasing Victorian watercolours. Later it was acquired by Sharon Wheaton and it continues to be the most significant art gallery outside of London.

Situated in a charming Manor House, the gallery is strategically situated to offer a platform for artists in the countryside.

Art and Exhibitions

The Gallery continues to feature the works of respected modern British artists from the Royal Academy of Arts including Dame Laura Knight, Carel Weight, Elizabeth Frink and Ruskin Spear.

Thousands of exhibitions have been held at Fosse Gallery. Some of the artists that have already been showcased include Hector McDonnell, Ramsay Gibb, Charlie Calder-Potts, Gwyn Roberts and Celia Montage. Do refer to their website for more information regarding private viewings and upcoming exhibitions.