Forno d’Oro

One of Lisbon’s best and most talked about Italian restaurants is Forno d’Oro. The restaurant, operated by an Italian born chef, only serves pizzas, cooked slowly in traditional wood-fired ovens and proved, served and finished in a Neopolitan-style.

What to Expect

The pizza oven at Forno d’Oro is worth visiting alone. Head chef Tanka Sapkota, an Italian born chef, shipped over wood-fire ovens, built them on site and then had the oven lined with gold tiles. It really is a work of art, particularly if you’re a devoted pizza fanatic. The restaurant itself boasts a modern décor with white walls and white tables.

What to Order

The pizza menu is pretty extensive for such a small menu and boasts a great choice of both Italian and Portuguese toppings including Serra cheese, fresh arugula and local sausage meat. The pizzeria also sells over 35 different types of artisan Italian beers, which is relatively unheard of for a pizza restaurant!

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