Tuscany, Italy

Florence Cathedral

One of the coolest places to visit in Florence is definitely the Florence Cathedral. It was designed by Arnolfo di Cambio and is dedicated to Santa Maria del Fiore. The interior of this cathedral is simply amazing with its two detached frescoes painted by Paolo Uccello in the 15th century and the magnificent clock on the inside wall of the cathedral.

Style & History

Designed in a typical Gothic style, Florence Cathedral was finished in 1367, although the facade remained unfinished until the 19th century. Most of the glass windows were added between 1434 and 1455, while the wooden inlays were designed by artists like Antonio del Pollaiolo and Brunelleschi. Giotto, who was a famous painter, was also the architect of the Bell Tower project. Unfortunately, he died before the Bell Tower was completed. Andrea Pisano and Francesco Talenti continued working and completed the project a couple of years later.

Visiting the Florence Cathedral

The good news is that the entrance into the cathedral is free, but the bad news is that since it’s free, there are usually many people waiting in line. The level of noise inside of the church is much lower since the audio and radio guides were introduced to the visitors. They are available to rent for just over 2 euro. You can also visit the cathedral with a tour guide and get to see the rooftop terraces.

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