Flavio al Velavevodetto

Authentic Roman cuisine from garden-grown ingredients is the name of the game at this Testaccio ristorante.

Farm to table

Though the hearty dishes at this Testaccio ristorante don’t capitalize on the recent “farm to table” trend, there’s still a strong tie to the land evident in the menu’s presentation. Velavevodetto proudly notes that many of its ingredients come from a dedicated garden near Rome, and the house wine is even produced at a private vineyard.

Historic roots

This close relationship to the ingredients comes from an old-fashioned philosophy of food, true to the neighborhood’s historic roots. Scholars debate the role Testaccio played in ancient times, but this area was very much a part of the Eternal City in its youth. In the Middle Ages, this was the site of carnival games, a spirit closely held today as the neighborhood is home to some of Rome’s most vibrant nightlife.

Classic dishes a la carte

The menu covers the greatest hits of Roman cuisine. Starters include parma ham, eggplant caponata, and special Roman-style artichokes. There is a very wide range of pasta dishes including the Roman classics cacio e pepe, pasta alla gricia, and pasta carbonara. For more adventurous eaters, there is also a strong selection of offal dishes, like Roman style tripe and tongue in green sauce.

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