Five Leaves

This hip restaurant prides itself in using the best ingredients to feed its guests. Open daily from 8 am to 1 am, Five Leaves serves delicious food in a fun atmosphere.

At Five Leaves, you can be sure that you are eating high-quality ingredients. For seafood dishes, Five Leaves only uses seafood that is both wild and sustainable in the world’s oceans.  Organic poultry is also used.  In fact, all of the meat dishes come from free-range farms that have grass-fed their livestock.  When possible, Five Leaves turns to local sources for their ingredients.

The breakfast choices at Five Leaves include croissants and quiche. Pancake lovers may want to order the Ricotta Pancakes that are served with honeycomb butter, fruit, and maple syrup.  Lunchtime guests will find choices of sandwiches, salads, sides, and snacks.  Unusual yet delicious choices include Braised Duck Pot Pie and Truffle Fries.  Among the choices for dinner guests are oysters, grilled octopus, and Lamb Shepherds Pie.  Desserts include Sticky Date Pudding, gelato, and affogato.

Five Leaves is a restaurant with personality. People eat here to enjoy the hip, fun atmosphere.  The restaurant is known for its attention to detail.  When your food is served, your plate will probably look more like a work of art than what you’re used to getting at ordinary restaurants.  Stop in with family or friends.  Libations are numerous, and cocktails include fun choices like Mr. Cocktail, Handsome Dan’s Fizz, and Hemingway’s Cats.  There are also many choices of Irish drinks, scotch, anise, tequila, and rum.

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