The Fish House

A cozy Cornwall restaurant on Fistral Beach, featuring fresh seafood from Newquay Harbor.

Local Chef, Local Fish

Coastal areas typically have great seafood, and Cornwall is no exception. Fistral Beach is known for its surfing, and that is where Paul and Elise Harwood decided to build their restaurant The Fish House. They should know the best place for a seafood restaurant–they’ve lived in Cornwall for over 25 years.

Fresh Seafood, Fresh Atmosphere

The Fish House’s menu boasts fresh fish and shellfish from Newquay Harbor, prepared with international flavors. Guests can try a more traditional seafood linguini made with tiger prawns, mussels, and cod. But for those with culinary daring, there’s also a cod tempura with a side of Asian salad, as well as an Indian fish curry, and many other surprising dishes.

The Fish House prides itself on its relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant is small, with whitewashed wood walls that fit in with its beach location. And while seafood is normally more expensive, the prices here won’t break the bank.