Located just a short walk from Namesti Miru on Slezska Street, Fifty-fifty is a small vintage second-hand shop that features a nice selection woman’s bags, leather clothing from the 70’s, 90’s Levi’s jeans, and lots of other stuff. The shop is easily recognizable by the cute mustache logo outside.

The Shop

Fifty-fifty has a 50% discount off sales and the first floor of the shop is reserved for ladies clothing, while the second floor is for the gentleman. Those who love vintage fashion will definitely not be disappointed by the selection of second-hand clothes here. Although the interior is small, Fifty-fifty shop is cozy and well organized.

The Owner

The pleasant lady who runs the shop personally selects every piece of clothing during her travels to Germany and to other countries in Western Europe. She is also always happy to assist customers and can provide information about the origin of the clothing.

Stay at home!

Feel free to browse our website, but please for the time being, follow your national guidance.