Faulkner House Books

Faulkner House Books is a landmark in New Orleans, offering a great selection of vintage and rare books.

A French Quarter Gem

Located in a small alley in the French Quarter, tucked away off of Jackson Square, Faulkner House Books is a hidden gem. This great place for shopping is considered by many to be a literary landmark in the United States. It’s a historic location in New Orleans, built in 1925 and made famous by the American novelist William Faulkner, who rented rooms in the building where the bookstore sits today.

Authors, Collectors, and Tourists Love Faulkner House Books

Faulkner House Books is an excellent spot to pick up used and new books, including rare edition books and classic titles by Faulkner himself. Other historic writers’ books and novels are on sale at Faulkner House Books, and there is a nice selection of indie books that are worth taking home. Authors, collectors, and tourists who have shopped at the cozy Faulkner House Books say that it is truly a sanctuary for written material and one of the best bookstores in the country.