Falafel’s Drive-In

Get your “falafel fix” at Falafel’s Drive-In. For over 50 years, Falafel’s Drive-In has been introducing Middle Eastern cuisine to San Jose, California.

Realizing the American Dream

In 1966 Anton and Zahie Nijmeh left the Middle East with their family in pursuit of the American Dream. Having always had a passion for food, the couple decided to open their own restaurant. It first began with American favorites like the hamburger, but soon the Nijmehs began incorporating an ethnic cuisine into their menu. Anton created a falafel recipe using a secret mix of spices. In the beginning, not all of the restaurant’s patrons were familiar with this kind of food, but they trusted Anton’s word and gave it a try. Decades later, the deep-fried chickpea base with secret spices is still being used by Anton’s family as they continue to serve neighbors and visitors in San Jose.

Authentic and Affordable

Choose from a variety of Middle Eastern dishes at Falafel’s Drive-In. Order the falafel, especially if you have never tried it before. In this dish, falafel balls are served in a pita that is stuffed with vegetables and covered in both the restaurant’s very own hot sauce and tahini sauce, a kind of sesame sauce. Other meals also served in pitas are gyros, chicken, and kifta kababs. If you would rather do without the pita, each of these meals can be ordered as a salad. If you like eggplant, try the Baba-Ghannouj which is served with pitas and vegetables for dipping. Humus is also served this way, and so is Foul, a fava bean dip. Meat lovers will want to try the Middle Eastern meatballs called Koubby. Save room for a dessert of baklava!

American Diner Classics

For those who would like to stick to more familiar American fare, the menu of Falafel’s Drive-In includes many beef favorites. The beef burrito and cheeseburger are popular choices. The Super Hamburger is sure to fill a hungry belly without emptying one’s wallet. Falafel’s Drive-In also serves hot dogs and corn dogs.
Top Tip: Order the award-winning Banana Shake as a dessert or to go along with your meal.