Oxford, England

Fabulous Flowers

Fabulous Flowers is a premier florist in the city of Oxford famed for their exquisite floral arrangements and creative bouquets.

Creating floral trends in Oxford

Fabulous Flowers was founded in 2004 by Gary Cooper and Matthew Taylor who translate their love for flowers into an art form that captures every customer’s unique needs with finesse. Well-known for their wedding arrangements and bespoke corporate flower service, Fabulous Flowers also explores modern trends and draws inspiration from the art and culture around them.

Fabulous Collections

Besides the standard Luxury Rose Bouquets and Fabulous Bouquets, Fabulous Flowers also boasts cheerful Table Centres for homes as well as for parties.

The stunner, though, is the Potting Shed Collection that features a wide range of eye-catching flowering plants in unique pots sourced from Denmark and Sweden.

They also have created a distinctive line of bouquets inspired by the masterpieces on display at the Ashmolean Museum and aptly called the Ashmolean Collection.

If you’re on a honeymoon or a romantic getaway in the city of dreaming spires, a visit to Fabulous Flowers is highly recommended.