Oxford, England

Vaults & Garden Cafe

The Vaults and Garden Café is so named because it is set within the vaulted Congregation House (c 1320) and the gardens of the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. The cafe not only prides itself on its delightful dining experience and healthy menu but also has a strong ethos of sourcing fresh, organic local produce and fairly traded ingredients from the global market.

Committed to ethical dining

The Vaults and Garden Café is a brainchild of Will Pouget who launched it in 2003 with a vision of “creating a socially positive café hub promoting ecological sustainability.”  Sample this: The coffee they use is directly from the coffee-growing communities of Central America.

Eclectic menu

Yes, you will find a repetition of words like ‘organic’, ‘free-range’ and ‘fresh’ in their menu but be prepared for a flavorful smorgasbord of healthy food. Some of their highlights are the Organic Beef Bourguignon, Oxford Blue Cheese Tart and Sri Lankan Chicken Curry. Their fabulous range of artisan bread and traditional cakes are baked to perfection and full of promise.

Summer or winter, the view from the vaults and the garden is simply divine. And the café staff do go over and beyond on their customer service (they provide blankets in winter!) so you can enjoy unparalleled tranquility in the hallowed spaces of divinity and learning.