Estacion Mapocho

Estachion Mapocho is a former grand old railway station converted into an award-winning cultural centre which serves as an architectural icon for the city of Santiago.

Grand Railway Station

Estacion Mapocho, constructed in 1912, served as a bustling transportation hub for travel between Chile and Argentina, long before the arrival of commercial air travel. Designed by Emilio Jecquier, the station was famed for its high Belgian wrought-iron arches, ornate ceiling and fluted columns.

A New Purpose

The railway station was decommissioned in 1987 and after years of disuse, it was refurbished and remodelled at significant cost.

A century later, it serves as a testament to the architectural splendour of Chile as well as a cultural hub where several art exhibitions, conventions and expos are hosted in the massive hall.

The historic monument has been bestowed the Heritage Award of the City in 2005 and Queen Sofia International Award for Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage in 2008.