London, England


When in London, why not go the way of royalty? At Floris, that’s just what you’ll end up doing. They are not only the oldest perfume house in London but also have a devoted clientele that includes kings, queens and movie stars.

Famous personalities like Florence Nightingale, Winston Churchill and Mary Shelly have all chosen Floris as their perfumer of choice. Floris has created bespoke perfumes for several celebrities including Marilyn Monroe.

Royal recognition

Floris was founded in 1730 when Juan Floris set out to be a barber and a comb-maker to the fine people of St. James’. In 1820, the establishment was appointed as royal comb maker to King George IV. Today, they enjoy the exclusive privilege of holding a Royal Warrant as Perfumers to HM Queen Elizabeth II.

An assorted collection

Since the first scent was created nearly three centuries ago, the family-run establishment continues to create unique scents for those with distinctive tastes. Many of their famous creations are often limited editions like 280, a fragrance created to commemorate their successful business. Naturally, there were only 280 bottles. They have mixed and matched four essential fragrance families to create an incredible range of perfumes and products for individuals and homes as well as gifts that make ideal souvenirs.

Floris has created a tradition of memorable fragrances for generations and it’s likely you’ll find something that speaks to your heart too.

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