London, England

Arabica Bar & Kitchen

The modest Arabica Bar & Kitchen is devoted to bringing alive the distinctive ‘flavors of the Levant’ to the city of London. It does so with a brilliant twist and a nod to unpretentious dining.

From stall to Victorian arch

Arabica was born in the Borough Market with a stall that sold mezze helmed by James Walters. The obviously successful venture was the seed for Arabica which ended up at a corner of the Market with a modest red-brick place under a Victorian railway arch.

Flavors that swirl, dance and satisfy

The eclectic menu at Arabica skims through the cuisine of Lebanon, Turkey, Morocco and Syria. Their forte is, of course, the selection of Levantine flatbreads –man’ousheh and lahmacun that come with their own distinctive garnishes. Pide, a deliciously crisp version of Turkish pizza, is available in four variations including a veggie option. You can’t go wrong with lamb here – Lamb Kofta, Lamb Chops or Lamb Meshwi which are cooked to succulent perfection.

A meal at Arabica sets you on an intriguing culinary journey that usually leaves you wanting more.

Stay at home!

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