Emiliana Winery

Started in 1986, Emiliana Winery is located just a short drive from Santiago and is famous for producing high-quality wines from organic grapes. The pristine environment of Chile provides exceptional growing conditions and this privately owned winery also attracts a number of tourists from all over the world.


Emiliana Winery offers several tours and besides walking through vineyards and learning about production and the variety of grapevines, visitors will have a chance to hang out with native animals at the property including sheep, chickens, and peacocks. This tour lasts for 30 minutes and also includes a visit to the wine cellar where guests can taste organic wines such as Coyam and Adobe.

Have a Picnic at Emiliana Winery

Organic picnics at Emiliana Winery are definitely worth visiting. The property features a huge garden overlooking the Andes mountain range and serves guests with a basket full of cheeses, artisan bread, water, and a bottle of wine. Visitors can explore the surrounding areas on bikes and also check out the local wildlife.

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