Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame de Paris (Our Lady of Paris) stands as one of the largest and finest examples of French Gothic architecture. With its grand towers, resplendent stained glass windows, painstakingly detailed sculptures, remarkable paintings and ornate entrances, the Cathedral remains the most visited monument in Paris.

The foundation stone for the Cathedral was laid in 1163 under the aegis of Bishop Maurice de Sully. The construction, however, was completed in 1345, long after his death.

Invaluable treasures

The Cathedral Treasury houses objects of spiritual significance including relics as well as precious ornaments bequeathed by members of the royal family. This also includes the Crown of Thorns placed by Louis IX and the reliquaries commissioned by successive kings of France.

The Cathedral organizes guided visits* that introduce tourists to the illustrious history of the Cathedral and the treasures held within its hallowed walls.

Illustrious history

The Notre Dame is replete with historical significance – it has seen kings crowned, newlywed queens walk down the aisle and saints beatified including Joan of Arc. It’s no wonder then that visitors to this celebrated monument come away with a sense of great awe.

*Please check the Cathedral’s website for the schedule.

Photos from Notre Dame Cathedral