London, England

Ember Yard, Tapas Restaurant

If you’re a fan of tapas, this is where you ought to be. And, if you enjoy chargrilled food, this place elevates it to a whole new level. Welcome to Ember Yard, a charcuterie, bar and grill that is everything it promises to be.

Created by food enthusiasts

Ember Yard was founded in 2013 by the Salt Yard Group, a team of food enthusiasts who’ve added three other Italian and Spanish charcuterie to the London food scene.

Finest Tapas

Ember Yard invites you to delve into your evening with gusto just as tapas should be enjoyed. No matter what you pick – Salt Cod Croquettes, Iberico Pork Ribs, Cornish Mackerel or Courgette Flowers, they all arrive with that distinctive aroma that only a wood and charcoal grill can bestow. All of these are complimented by some of the finest ingredients from Italy and Spain. The service is distinctively warm and friendly just like the décor and ambience.

A meal at Ember Yard is one of the innovative ways to sample a London-style culinary experience.

Stay at home!

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