Tuscany, Italy


The island of Elba is famous for its blue waters, beautiful hills, and green landscapes. It is easily reachable from Piombino by a ferry and even has a small airport. Elba is the third-largest island in Italy with over 150 gorgeous beaches, many hiking trails, and several museums and fortresses.

Napoleon and Elba

Besides being a tropical paradise, the island of Elba is famous for harboring Napoleon during his exile in 1814. Most of the tourists that come to Elba end up visiting his winter and summer houses here, including Palazzina dei Mulini. This island was also home to Etruscans, and later to the Romans. Guests of the island who wish to learn about the history of this place should definitely check out the impressive fortress, Castello del Volterraio.


There is plenty to do on the island besides chilling on the beach. For instance, Elba is perfect for outdoor sports and activities that include snorkeling and diving. Shops that rent equipment for these activities can be found on every corner. Visitors can also enjoy mountain biking, sailing, and relaxing at the thermal baths.

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